Richard L. Grandjean, M.D., P.A. - Board-Certified in Family Medicine

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Practice Philosophy

Dear Patient:

This website will explain the way I practice medicine, and will help you use my services more effectively.  I attended medical school right here in Dallas at UT Southwestern Medical School, and I am certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

Family physicians are residency-trained and board-certified specialists who are able to handle ninety percent of your medical problems without referral.  If, after your exam, I feel you need to see another specialist, I will refer you.  However, I will retain overall management to maintain continuity and to ensure other facets of your care are not overlooked. 

My emphasis is on high-tech, high-touch, and high-quality care, and includes routine, urgent, and preventive medicine for all family members.    My primary goal is to keep you well and healthy, and I do this by requesting that you have age-appropriate preventive medicine check-ups or physical exams, including laboratory testing.  I strive to keep current in all areas of medicine though reading, attending meetings, and discussing cases with colleagues.  I adopt new technology when I feel it improves the quality, efficiency, and comprehensiveness of evaluation and treatment. 

My practice will be moving toward the model of the medical home.  This concept is built on the idea of patient-centered care in which physicians can focus on patients and not on volume.  It will take a while for the health plans and the government to embrace and finance this major change in emphasis.  Eventually, this approach will make primary care more effective, more accessible, and more affordable.

Dr. Grandjean